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Wilo Wet Runner High Stratos Pump 2095494 Stratos 25 / 1-8CAN PN10, Rp1 / G1 1/2, 1930 , Wilo Wet Runner High Efficiency Pump Stratos 25 / 1-8CAN PN10, Rp1 / G1 1/2, 1930 , 1930 High-efficiency pump Wilo - Stratos ... electronically controlled Energy efficiency class: A circulation pump with lowest operating costs, for pipe installation. Suitable for all HVAC applications (10 to +110 degrees). With integrated electronic power control for constant / variable differential pressure. Thermal insulation shells as standard. Standard with: One-button manual control for - Pump On / Off - Selection of control mode: dp-c (differential pressure constant) dp-v (differential pressure variable) dp-T (differential pressure led) *) *) via IR monitor or LON - Manual actuator mode (fixed setting of a speed) - Automatic lowering mode (self-learning by FUZZY technology) - Setpoint or speed setting Graphical Pompes display, readable from the front, with rotatable display for horizontal and vertical module arrangement, for displaying: - Operating status - Control mode - Differential pressure or speed setpoint - Error and warning messages. Synchronous motor according to ECM technology with permanent magnet rotor, special sensorless control electronics and 1-phase supplied frequency converter. With highest efficiencies and high starting torque, including automatic deblocking function. Integrated full motor protection, fault indicator light, potential-free collective fault signal, automatic lowering operation to minimum speed (self-learning), IR interface for wireless communication with control and service device Wilo IR-Monitor. Wilo for Wilo -IF modules Stratos . (IF modules Stratos with interfaces for building automation GA or double pump management). (Accessories: IF modules Stratos PLR, LON, Stratos or SBM.) Cast iron housing with cataphoresis coating, impeller made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, chrome steel shaft with carbon plain bearings Combi flanges PN 6 / PN10 for DN 32 to DN 50 min. Or max. Medium temperature range: -10 degrees to +110 degrees with ambient temp. +40: medium temp max. +80 ambient temp. +25: medium temp max. + 110 medium: water 100 Flow rate: 1930 , 00 m3 / h 1930 : 1930 , 00 m 1930 operating temperature (-10 degrees to +110 degrees): 20 degrees Operating / Nominal pressure: Type of current: 1ph230V / 50Hz Power requirement P1: kW Protection class: IP Pipe connection: DN / PN Wilo : Wilo Type: Wilo - Stratos

Technical Data

Technical Data
pump type Hocheffizienzpumpe


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