Wilo Stratos Pico-Z drinking water pump 4216472
  • Pipe fitting R1 "
  • Thread G11 / 2 "
  • Overall length 180mm
  • Material: stainless steel

This circulating pump is only suitable for drinking water.

Maintenance-free DHW circulation pump (wet runner version) with screw connection, anti-blocking motor according to ECM technology and integrated electronic power control for stepless differential pressure control. With highest efficiencies and high starting torque, including automatic deblocking function. Suitable for all domestic hot water systems (+2 to +70 ° C).

Standard with:

  • Preselectable control modes for optimum load adaptation Manual operating mode Δp-c (differential pressure constant),
  • Temperature controlled operating mode
  • Detection of the thermal disinfection of the domestic hot water tank
  • Integrated motor protection
  • Operating and fault display (with error codes)
  • Display of current consumption in watts and cumulative kilowatt hours, or
  • Display of the current flow and the temperature
  • Reset Function for resetting the electricity meter or the factory settings
  • "Hold" function (key lock) to lock the settings
  • Minimum consumption only 3 W
  • Automatic deblocking function
  • Thermal insulation shell as standard

Technical Data

Technical Data
product class circulating pump
connection size G 1 1/2
Connection dimension pump housing 1 1/2 inches
Supply voltage 1 x 230 V.
Article compression stage PN 10
Flange pressure rating PN 10
installation length 180 mm
model 25 / 1-4
Nominal diameter 1 inch
IP protection) IPX4D
series Pico-Z
Housing material stainless steel
Material of the impeller / impeller Polypropylene (PP)
Max. Medium temperature (continuous operation) 70 ° C
Min. Medium temperature (continuous operation) 2 ° C
connection Male thread gas cylindrical BSPP (ISO 228-1)
current 0.26 A.
pumping height 116 mm
Head at nominal volume flow 225.6 kPa
rotational speed 3500 rpm
Motor power consumed (P1) 25 W.
Nominal flow 1.745 m³ / h
Max. Head 3,982 m
frequency 50/60 Hz
Pump housing material stainless steel
Insulation class according to IEC F
double pump No
Max. Permissible operating pressure 10 bar
tension 230 V


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