Payment methods

We offer the following payment methods. Please select a payment type that is suitable for you. If you pay by credit card, your account will be charged after completion of your order.


Online or direct transfer

This type of independent banking payment is currently covering app. 99% of banks in Germany. Anyone that has access to online banking is able to use it. Besides Germany, countries such as Austria, Switzerland, and the UK use the direct transfer method. If you choose this method, you will be redirected to a transfer form, on which you need to fill out the online banking details. After completing this procedure the payment will be carried out directly.


VISA credit card

More and more people don’t only use the internet for emailing or research anymore, they use it to comfortably shop from home: Books, CDs, DVDs, flight tickets, holidays, tickets to the theater, musicals or concerts; you name it!! There are countless possibilities. If you use your Visa Card while shopping, you’ve made a good choice. More than half of all E-Commerce Transfers are processed via Visa. Just like many Visa Card users throughout the world you will discover the benefits, of safe, easy and comfortable payments with Visa.


Master Card credit card

The security standard of Master Card on the internet is notably high. This is due to the countless precautions we take in order to make all transactions as safe as possible. These precautions and this high level of security are part of the reasons why our customers gladly choose this method of payment. In fact, 99,95 % of all online Master Card transactions are processed without customer complaints. The Master Card is clearly safer than any other payment method! The Card Verification Code (CVC2) are the last 3 digits that are located on the signature strip of the card. If you are purchasing via GreenQueen®, you will be asked once more for the security card number to ensure maximum security and the card holder’s identity.



This method is similar to the direct transfer payment. With prepayment the money is transferred onto an “in between” account, which is being checked and controlled by our payment provider BS PayOne. Attention: By choosing the option Prepayment the shipping will be put on hold until payment has been validated. This procedure can last up to 4 business days.