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Kessel seal KE73053 Staufix siphon DN 50 made of plastic Kessel back pressure Kessel lock Staufix siphon DN 50 made of plastic, with two self-closing Klappen , one of them as hand-lockable emergency lock. With wall mounting, tube odor trap and inlet funnel for drip water connection. Drain DN 50 horizontal for connection to HT pipe according to DIN 19560. Back pressure double lock: Staufix siphon Standard: DIN EN 13564 Type 5 Drain fitting: white Nominal diameter Drain: DN 50 (diameter 50 mm) Installation: for dripping water

Technical Data

Technical Data
dimension (DN) 50


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You're reviewing:Kessel backwater double lock Staufix 73053 DN 50, with odor trap and inlet funnel

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