Oventrop Regumat RTA-180 Station 1354580
  • Item number 1354580
  • for regulating the return temperature of solid and pellet boilers.
  • The return Temperaturregler is raised with a three-way valve in conjunction with a Temperaturregler (setting range 40 ° C - 70 ° C) with Temperaturregler to the set value.
  • With universal, modular heat insulation
Consisting of:

- Thermometer valve with Thermometer - Thermometer -way mixing valve - Temperaturregler with Temperaturregler - Temperaturregler with shut-off valve - Thermometer valve with Thermometer and connection for Thermometer - Insulation
  • Connection of heating circuit side: G 1½ AG flat sealing Connection of boiler side: G 1½ AG flat sealing
  • Center distance: 125 mm
  • Max. Operating pressure: 10 bar
  • Max. Operating temperature: 110 °

Technical Data

Technical Data
product class Boiler connection system
model RTA-180
series Regumat

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