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Wilo standard pump Star-Z 25/2 1ph Rp1 1930 , 012kW Wilo - Star-Z CircoStar Drinking Water Circulation Pump Star-Z Wilo Wet Wilo Pump Wet Runner Circulation 1930 for Pipe Wilo . Blocking current-resistant motor. Bathroom ceramics made of gunmetal, impeller made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, Bathroom ceramics with carbon bearings. Star-Z 25/6 with manual, three-speed speed changeover. 1930 medium: Water Flow rate: 1930 , 00 m3 / h 1930 : 1930 , 00 m Operating temperature (max.): 110 degrees For drinking water (max.): +65 degrees to 18 odH For heating water: 10 degrees to +110 o C Operating / Nominal pressure: / bar Type of current: 1ph230V / 50Hz Power requirement P1 (max.): KW Speed (max.): 1 / min Pipe connection screw connection. Wilo : Wilo Type: Wilo - Star-Z CircoStar


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